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Workweek Capital leverages its collective of industry experts and their communities to source and support the top founders. Collectively they've gained 250k+ readers and 1.1m social media followers across 11 industries not because they know business trends, but because they create them.
Our Workweek Creators don't dance on TikTok, well not yet, but they are creating content for the top decision makers in your industry. Constantly learning, creating, and influencing their space all while having a blast doing it.

Our Ecosystem

The next generation of industry experts will become the best investors.

We're building an ecosystem that enables industry leaders to build impactful, profitable companies while having fun in the process.


We write $50,000-$200,000 checks to help you accelerate your roadmap and grow faster.


Get direct access to proven operators who help you streamline operations and scale.


Our industry leaders provide guidance, in-depth expertise, and first-party data.


Global audiences of Workweek's 250k+ readers 1m+ followers with industry specific audiences.

Finally, investors who want to have fun and make money at the same time.

Adam Ryan

General Partner

Adam is the sole General Partner at Workweek Capital. He is an educator, a business builder, and someone who has a lot of coffee meetings. Adam was previously at Spiceworks, a Goldman Sachs-backed B2B media company (acquired by Ziff Davis), on the revenue team. His next stop was at Under Armour where he helped build out their media arm through the consumer apps MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness. Then he was the President at The Hustle (acquired by HubSpot) overseeing content, product, engineering, growth, and sales. Most recently he has been advising media startups Section4, Every, The Plug, and investing with various firms, which include The Chernin Group and LightShed Ventures.

He might throw in some Disney analogies when talking to you and expects the founders of Workweek portfolios companies to have the mindset of an imagineer. Early in his career, he originally intended on becoming the best 9th grade history teacher ever, but has now pivoted to towards being the best VC, meat smoker, and girl dad he can be.

General Partner

Ryan Solomon (Sully)


Sully was previously the Head of Community & Content at the Web3 professional network Entre. As Entre’s first member brought onto the team, he’s been a part of it all from product development, growth (TikTok & Twitter especially), hiring, and fundraising. He’s a natural community builder and helps founders build their community strategy. At Workweek he’s focused on simultaneously sourcing and supporting the best founders from around the world.

When talking with Sully, you might get lost in a brainstorming session slightly longer than anticipated as he thrives off of building connections with incredible people. If you get to meet him in person, he will most likely have a deck of cards on hand ready to show you magic trick as he talks about how amazing his hometown of Pittsburgh is.


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